torsdag 11 juni 2009

NOFX - Pods and Gods - 2000

American punk rockers NOFX has had a habit of releasing limited edition vinyls every now and again. And since I'm a fan of both vinyl records and NOFX I'm not complaining. Pods and Gods was released in the year 2000 in orange vinyl and limited to 12,000 copies.

Title: Pods And Gods
Artist: NOFX
Released: 2000
Label: Fat Wreck Chords

A: Pods and Gods
B: What's the Matter with Parents Today?

onsdag 10 juni 2009

Spinnerette - Sex Bomb - 2009

Being a Distillers fan, Spinnerette just had to get my attention. The debut Ghetto Love EP had some good tunes on it so when this single was announced as both a digital download and a limited edition 7" I was onboard, eventhough it wasn't the cheapest single I've ever purchased thanks to the postage.

The digital download was available straight away, with the vinyl to be sent later on. I sort of forgot about it, but then far later I got an email saying the vinyl had been delayed and that everyone who ordered would receive the single signed instead of "just" a regular limited edition release. Sweet! :)

So, a month or so ago I picked it up at my post office and a nice new pink 7" signed by Brody Dalle (yeah, who cares about the rest of the band, really?) and numbered (270 / 500) could be added to the collection.

Title: Sex Bomb
Artist: Spinnerette
Released: 2009
Label: Anthem

A: Sex Bomb (Original Version)
B: Sex Bomb (Adam Freeland Remix)

Written by Dalle / Johannes / Bevilacqua

fredag 13 mars 2009

Millencolin - Da Strike - 1995

There was a time when Swedish music television used to play anything other than radio pop. It was around 1994-96 something. It was probably thanks to Green Day "selling out" and having their first wave of fame. If you turned on your TV back then you could here NOFX, Refused, Pennywise, No Fun At All, Bad Religion and last but not least Millencolin. People used to buy their records as well and they ended up high on the sales charts.

Da Strike comes from these good old days. This poppy-ska-punk number is a catchy one. And I swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Title: Da Strike
Artist: Millencolin
Released: 1995
Label: Burning Heart Records
ID# BHR MoCliff 003

1. Da Strike (Millencolin)
2. Soft World (Millencolin)

1. Shake me (live) (Millencolin)
2. niaP (Millencolin)

You can watch the video here.

söndag 8 mars 2009

Stiff Little Fingers - £1.10 or Less - 1982

Stiff Little Fingers are undoubtably my favourite punk band of all time. I know I should like The Clash a whole lot better, because that's the PC way to go. While The Clash made lots of absolutely cracking songs, they also, in my humble opionion, lacked a bit when it came to making descisions of which songs to put on the album. It seems to me they released every song they ever written, no matter how boring it was. Now that I've alienated myself from more or less everyone in the world let's get on with this Stiff Little Fingers EP.

The £1.10 or Less EP that was released in 1982 and featured a more pop sound to it that was later followed up by their last album Now then... before the break up in 1983. The new pop sound wasn't received well by the fans, and I can't really blame them.

Stiff Little Fingers first three albums are brilliant... then... not so much.

Title: £1.10 or Less
Artist: Stiff Little Fingers
Released: 1982
Label: Chrysalis
ID#: CHS 2580

1. Listen (Fingers / Ogilvie)
2. Sad-eyed People (Fingers / Ogilvie)

1. That's When Your Blood Bumps (Fingers / Ogilvie)
2. Two Guitars Clash (Fingers / Ogilvie)

You can listen to Listen here!

onsdag 4 mars 2009

Bombshell Rocks - Underground Radio - 1998

The Swedish punk rock band Bombshell Rocks released the 7" 33 rpm EP Underground Radio in 1998 on Sidekicks Records, but the release I have is the European one by Austrian D:S:S Records. The EP doesn't mention a year, but I guess it was released in 1998 as well.

Artist: Bombshell Rocks
Title: Underground Radio
Released: 1998
Label: D:S:S Records
ID#: DSS99600

1. Underground Radio
2. Home
3. Kings & Queens

1. I've got reasons
2. Cheap tricks & lies
3. The nonbeliever

All mysic by Bombshell Rocks. All lyrics by Mårten Cedergrand.

You can listen to the song here.

Sham 69 - Tell the Children - 1980

Sham 69 formed in 1976 and were one of the more famous street punk oi bands of the era. Their biggest hit If the Kids are United broke the top ten in the UK singles charts in 1978 but has since then become even bigger by appearing in a couple of different commercials and by being covered by a whole bunch of bands. The single Hersham Boys was actually a bigger seller and went up to #6 in 1979.

Tell the Children weren't a major success though. The main reason is that it's not that great of a song. ;)

Artist: Sham 69
Title: Tell the Children
Released: 1980
Label: Polydor
ID#: POSP 136

A: Tell the Children - (Pursey / Parsons)
B: Jack - (Pursey)

måndag 2 mars 2009

J. Thåström - Alla har fel - 1990

Joakim Thåström is a Swedish punk rock legend. In 1977 to 1982 he was the singers of Sweden's most influental punk band Ebba Grön. He then went on to form the band Imperiet (or Rymdimperiet as they were called at first) which were a more 1980's sounding band. In the late 80's he went solo and in 1991 he released his second solo album called "Xplodera mig 2000" which was a very computer-based album (and not one of my favourites). This single, which I picked up a couple of years ago is from that album.

Artist: J. Thåström
Title: Alla har fel
Released: 1990
Label: Mistlur Records
ID#: MLRS 80

A: Alla har fel - (J. Thåström)
B: Alla har ännu mera fel (DeeMix) - (J. Thåström)

Watch the video here.